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Automatic Break-in May Be Down, But It's Not Out

While the mayor and former mayor often talked about reducing violent crime in the city during his tenure, the news was often about “big tickets,” namely murder, rape, and burglary. But the decline in car theft is shocking. Like penicillin without eradicating polio, new ways to combat theft and computer locks actually unlocking the boot can be a scam to prevent them from committing their criminal acts. But in the city of millions, even a small number of car thefts each year are still worth thousands of cases. In fact, despite herculean measures, cities still report more than a thousand carjacking a year. And these statistics do not say anything about attempted burglary and damage caused by forced entry. In extreme cases, windows, driver’s side door panels and ignition key entries all need to be replaced, costing thousands of dollars. What is even more worrying is that although car theft has declined, older cars (eight years of age and older) are often at greater risk of theft due to the ease of copying and less anti-crime technology. In the middle class and in the working class, older cars are the norm and car theft is still a major concern. Even the smallest snags like losing your keys can be almost frustrating.

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Xpress Locksmith is a leader in car Locksmith services. Our car key technicians specialize in car key cutting technology, so if you lose or misplace your keys, a call to Xpress Locksmith will be to one of our highly trained professional for any type of car you have. We carry all the parts, tools and equipment needed to cut and organize all car keys within our mobile service unit. If you need to replace a car key, we can add it to your place and do all the necessary work right there on the site. We save you time and money that would otherwise be required for your car to be towed to the store. At Xpress Locksmith, we not only manage ignition key replacement, but also handle switching automatic door locks, car unlocking service, ignition keys program and the release of broken keys. We place a premium on customer service and competitive rates, so we have a clearly marked price list and are proud to have a prompt response time, to get you back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible. We value transparency, so our experts will always make sure that they review the work they do and reduce prices clearly so that we are always on the same page with you, before any work begins. With us, there is nothing shocking or surprising; what you see is what you get. First-class customer service, high quality work and low prices you can find. That’s the Xpress Locksmith.

Anti-lock Brakes Plus "Pro-lock" Locksmith Means Mental Peace

The bottom line: a 96 percent reduction in car theft is a remarkable achievement and all recent mayors deserve commendation for helping to curb such heinous crimes. But neighborhoods are always in danger as long as cars are easily stolen. Our locksmith responds to your car needs at speeds from pedal-to-the-metal and is eager to continue what the mayors have already started and continue to drive the car theft out of town. Car theft? Forget about it!

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